Monday, January 28, 2008

A little help from your friends

Hi! My name is Anna Sideris, I am a long time friend of Alison's, and I will be accompanying her on her next trip to Colombia in February. As we come to the end of our count down to the Colombia trip, Alison is working overtime to get all the details in order, thus I am stepping in as her fill-in blogger. Our group is leaving February 14th for a two week tour through Bogota and Barranquilla. Right now we are all attempting to gather as many donations as possible to carry with us to Colombia because shipping fees are very high. If you are interested in making a donation, the following is a brief list of supplies which would be beneficial:
- school supplies (e.g. paper, pencils, art supplies, etc...)
- digital cameras and batteries
- children's clothing
- cloth diapers
- monetary donations
- anything else which you think may be useful!
All donations should be made to the Global Opportunity Garden. I can be contacted at:
You may also send any donations to:
41 Melvin Hts. Rd.
Camden, ME 04843

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 Wishlist

My Wish List
A couple days ago, I got a great suggestion about how I might make it easier for people to donate things that the foundation needs. As many of you know, I've made a pledge that all donations will go directly to people and projects in need. I don't take a salary, and I pay for all administrative fees and airline tickets myself. But, in order to do that, I need everyone to keep helping me. I've started a Wish List on Amazon to help make it easier for everyone to make donations, and, so that you'll know exactly what your donation is going to.
You can click on the icon, or search wish lists on for Alison McKellar's wish list, which is titled Global Opportunity Garden.
Thanks again to everyone!

Everyone wants to go to Colombia!

Three months ago, when I announced I'd be taking a group of people to Colombia to learn about how different foundations are making a difference in the in world, I thought it would be pretty tough to sell people on the idea. Never did I imagine that I'd have to tell people the trip was full... but it is. Actually, with 11 people, it's more than full.... and I get new requests every day, which is just one more indicator showing me that people really do want to make a difference in the world; sometimes we just don't know how.

The most exciting thing is that everyone knows that they have not signed up for a tourist trip. Sure, we'll be sure to enjoy the beauty, biodiversity, and fascinating culture that Colombia has to offer, but more than anything, we're going to learn, to share our lives and skills, and broaden our global perspective.

But to all of you that didn't make it into this trip, don't worry, we'll be going again soon. I'm literally blown away by all the people who've offered their time, support, and encouragement... now I just have to figure out how to organize everyone.