Monday, November 5, 2007

Welcome, Alex Calabi!

One of the most pleasant surprises I have had since starting Global Opportunity Garden was opening my email inbox to find an email from Alex Calabi with the subject line "ready to work". Alex had told me in passing a couple of times that he had some free time and wanted to help me but I figured it would take some reminding on my part. I was definitely wrong... the email read:

... just wanted to remind you that I'm game to start working for you whenever with whatever you've got. I looked all through your website and you certainly know what you're doing, and I'm excited to contribute....

It's been great having Alex to bounce ideas off of and he has some great ones of his own. Alex couldn't have arrived at a better time because things have taken off a lot more quickly than I anticipated, and speaking, responding to emails, inquiries, volunteer interest, and fundraising is beginning to make it impossible for me to do anything like fill out 501(c)3 applications and plan trips and projects in Colombia.

Alex has already been a big help and will be in charge of keeping momentum going while I'm in Brazil, Colombia, and El Salvador.