Saturday, November 10, 2007

A few notes of thanks before leaving....

Well, I'm leaving for Brazil today and I have, of course, put packing off until the very last minute, but I wanted to try and say thank you to everyone who has donated their time and/or money to the Global Opportunity Garden during these past six weeks. I'm definitely going to forget people here, but I'll keep updating as I remember and as more people keep helping.

-John Orlando for insisting I speak at the Camden Public Library
-Amanda Thorndike for being one of my most active spokespeople and helping me get my day started off right every morning with a jog and coffee.
-Don Briggs and Briggs and Counsel for all their ongoing support, encouragement and legal assistance.
-Russell Kaye for website support.
-Richard Ogle for advice and help creating a business plan.
-Alex Calabi, my new partner.
-Joe Corrado, website and design adivce.
-Mike Shroeder, future design and marketing.
-Kevin Hanson, who will be volunteering in Colombia and exploring microcredit possibilities.
-My parents who have helped me a million times on all fronts.... especially my dad for all the answered phone calls, last minute copying, and support.

Also, thank you to the following people who donated money or cameras to the the Lives Worth Sharing Photography Project:

-Patrisha McLean
-Christopher Dodd
-Union Senior Citizens
-Pat Medeika
-Nate Chapnick
-Meghan Flynn
-Molly McKellar
-Amy Cornell
-Riley School
-Nohora Estes

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